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My Mission

I am on a mission to assist others with natural immunity during a time in history that this life-saving tool is given little to no credit for its value by the establishment of governed health.



I'm a California girl and raised in a small mountain town.  I've always loved nature, animals, and being in touch with the earth.  

I became interested in bodily awareness from a young age, as my driveway to catch the bus to school was one mile long... and so my running career began.

My journey with nutrition came from an early age as well, as my brother suffered from ADHD, and my mother changed all of our household habits to support his needs for nutrition.


What did that mean for me?  Carob cake for birthdays,  yuck!  Puffed rice cereal for breakfast, yikes!  Dried fruit treats in our plastic easter eggs, "whoa mom, you've gone too far!"  And forget about Halloween!

So essentially, I was forced into health.  But guess what!?  I thank my mother every day for it.



Digestive Wellness

Cupboard Cleanout


Addiction Counseling

Weight Loss & Detox

Elimination Diets/Food Sensitivities

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