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A food containing health-giving additives and having medicinal benefit.

What is an example of a nutraceutical?


A nutraceutical can be a nutrient-rich food, medicinally active food, or a specific component of a particular food, according to Examples include garlic, omega 3 (found in fish),  ginger, minerals, vitamins, dietary fibre, hydrolyzed proteins, fortified foods, enriched foods, and so much more.

Sliced Avocado

How might I help you?

Since I am neither a Dietitian, or Nutritionists I rely upon a lifetime of experience to offer advising instead. 

I will make no claims to heal a particular ailment.  I will however advise how I  could assist through a variety of ways to help you. I will not attempt to usurp your medical doctor, although I will be the first to acknowledge that not all medical doctors are trained through the protocol of healing through food, diet, exercise, herbs and supplements, as many are trained through the establishment of medically school-funded pharmaceutical companies.  In essence, trained to treat health ailments retroactively, as opposed to proactively.  Doctors that are trained this way will often recognize that a problem exists, a problem that often took a period of time to engage, and will treat the problem with a band-aid of drugs, instead of a solution-based protocol that enables the patient to make the lifestyle choices that led them there.

I have used exercise, food, supplements and herbs to heal a variety of ailments over many years with myself and with others.

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