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Aloe Vera Magic

Recently, I have discovered the many healthful benefits of aloe vera. After further researching health remedies for digestion, aloe vera ranked among the top choices for not only digestion, but also weight loss, detoxification, stimulating the metabolism, increasing collagen production, acts as a natural laxative, helps with menopausal symptoms, anti-aging and amazing for the skin and hair. Surely there are many more benefits to aloe vera use, but today I will expand on a few of the above mentioned.


Since digestion has been a life-long issue for me, I was pleased to learn that the simplest of solutions could be discovered in the gardening aisle of Home Depot. Even though succulents require effort to kill, and about the easiest of all plants to grow, for those of us without such a green thumb, an amazing organic lab-tested freeze-dried option can be found at the Health Ranger Store.

Aloe Vera acts as an intestinal cleanser, which when properly cleaned allows the body to absorb nutrients more efficiently. The PH balance of this nutrient-dense superfood helps the stomach acidity to balance, reducing inflammation of the gut. Rich in enzymes, Aloe has two specifically called lipase and amylase that break down carbohydrates and sugar in our food, as well as digest fats which aids the digestive system. In addition to the above benefits, Aloe Vera is a source of prebiotics, feeding the beneficial gut bacteria.

For a fabulous morning digestive smoothie, blend two peeled, deseeded pears, stevia to taste, ½ tsp. ginger root, 1/4 tsp. organic Aloe Vera powder, 1 cup coconut yogurt, and ice. Yum!

Weight Loss

I have weighed, within 10 pounds, nearly the same weight since I was 22, so weight gain has not been a real struggle for me. However, maintaining a healthy weight is the struggle of nearly all Americans.

Aloe Vera is a champion in the ring of weight loss contenders. Weight loss can be difficult if the body is overloaded with toxins. Aloe Vera assists in detoxification as well as reducing water retention due to its laxative effects. The fat burning abilities of the Aloe plant are partially due to the presence of vitamin B, which converts fats to energy. Polyphenols are an antioxidant naturally present in Aloe, which is why Aloe is included in many weight-loss supplements to aid in weight management.

The combination of mint leaves, Aloe, and ginger juice in a refreshing drink with stevia and chilled water is the perfect pairing for increasing the metabolic rate and aiding digestion.

Anti Aging

Who wants a more youthful appearance of the skin when nearing the half century mark? Me, me, me! Sign me up, like yesterday! The essential nutrients of A, C, E that are present in Aloe Vera helps in skin regeneration with nourishment and assists in returning the elasticity of the skin through the production of collagen. There is a reason many skin care products use aloe as one of their star players for anti-aging. The anti-oxidant properties of Aloe protect the skin by preventing the production of free-radicals, which cause oxidative stress, damaging the cells and leading to wrinkles. Antioxidants help the cells of the body to repair themselves and regenerate more healthy cells, proving Aloe to be a key player in the anti-aging options available.

For an anti-aging cooler, blend ½ cucumber, two aloe leaves, and a cup of coconut water, strain the pulp, and you’ve got a refreshing summer drink that your skin will love!

Hair Growth

Once turning 48, I started to notice my hair falling out in record numbers. While 100 strands a day is normal hair fall, during the shower I began losing a golf ball size ball of hair, and then the after shower brushing process was producing another golf ball sized clump of precious locks. Talk about stressful! And obviously, stress can add to more hair loss. What a conundrum! I tried every recommendation for hair loss: shark cartilage, omega 3’s, horsetail, magnesium, fenugreek, Fo-Ti, Viviscal, Astragalus, Biotin, Folic Acid, multi-B vitamin, amino acids, stinging nettles, iron, zinc, and Choline! Talk about an expensive season for the hair! While the supplementation did help, once I started using Aloe Vera powder regularly is when I noticed the shedding reduce to almost zero. And the heavens reverberated a magical sound, ‘aaaaahhhhmen.’

For a winter warm Aloe tea, mix ½ tsp. Aloe powder, 10 oz. hot water, ½ lemon juiced, stevia to taste. And if you want to add an additional hair growth kick to your tea, add ½ tsp. of Astragalus powder and the zest of the lemon rind for an extra dose of vitamin C.

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