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Eat Well on Any Budget

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Remember what eating on a college budget was like? Well, as it turns out, eating on a college budget can be the healthiest of all diets.

I have had years where I had to live on a strict budget to get by. I lived on $7.00 per day for over 4 years while transitioning from the corporate world into a business of my own. During that time, my staples were cans of sardines, eggs, black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans hulled white rice, and loads of farmers market vegetables. In an effort to get all the nutrients needed without a budget for supplements, I always tried to purchase a wide variety of greens, and multi-colored vegetables from local vendors, avoiding irradiation and vegetables grown in chemical rich environments.

“It was kind of embarrassing telling people that I lived on $7 per day, until I realized that I was one of the healthiest people I knew.”

White rice when combined with beans, I have found to be a much more easily digestible way to take in legumes. When eating legumes alone, I have found that often gastrointestinal issues will alert all within a 10 foot radius of my dietary choices.

Go Organic

While it may seem expensive when buying organic vegetables, over conventional vegetables at a market like Whole Foods, the cost to the body is great. The chemical sprays used in conventional growing can lead to many issues in health if eaten regularly. Our hormones become off-balanced when there is a toxic overload within the body, slowing metabolism, and creating weight gain, even on a vegetable rich diet.

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