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Make the Most of Your Veggies

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

When experimenting with how to use vegetables, I enjoy getting creative in the kitchen with various colors of vegetables, finding new spices to use, varying the way a vegetable is processed and cooked .

Changing the vegetable sizes

Amazingly enough, the difference between grating a vegetable or dicing a vegetable, can make the end result taste vastly different. A grated vegetable will soak up a marinating liquid or spice much differently than if a vegetable is chopped.

Since I know how amazing Brussel sprouts are for me, sometimes I like to take a Brussel sprout and grate it into a bed of mixed greens for a salad; or mix them with avocado oil and various Indian spices and roast them in the oven. I also do this with beets and they are great in a salad—careful though not to over-mix a grated beet, as it will turn your whole salad red!

“Oh dear, is it halloween already? I see the beets have made a bloody statement today!”

Stuff It!

When I have bell peppers just on the verge of jumping off the cliff of edible, I will stuff them with cooked rice, sprouted tofu, various other suicidal vegetables, and loads of anti-inflammatory spices and create a new masterpiece that will pass as perfectly legit. Anytime I have a raw vegetable that is in this state of 'off the cliff' consideration, I immediately look up a recipe for cooked use. I had some spinach today, that was not slimy, I cannot do slimy, but definitely overly moist, so I pulled up my web browser and made an amazing saag, with turmeric, cumin, a turning Jalapeno, coconut oil, garlic, coriander, dijon mustard, and added sprouted tofu for protein and served over a bed of Jasmine rice... HEAVENLY.

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