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Recipe-Non-Recipe of the Day

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

For this RAW muesli I prefer to make life easier on myself with this recipe-non-recipe. I use whatever I happen to have in the cupboards and add it to the mix to taste.

“Honey, do we have anymore Smorgasbord? Went to the farmers market this morning and got some of that yummy fresh coconut yogurt to I want to top this morning!”

Smorgasbord Muesli

Here are some fabulous ingredients to add to your blend:

Rolled oats (this ingredient is the bulk of the mix)

Steel cut oats (adds a chewy touch once moistened)

Buckwheat kernels (also becomes chewy after moistened and refrigerated)

Honey/coconut nectar/maple syrup

Dried cranberries

Dried blueberries

Dried bananas

Dried figs


Cacao nibs

Dried coconut flakes

Chopped walnuts


Sunflower seeds

Chopped pecans

Non dairy oat milk to moisten the blend

Melted coconut oil to moisten blend

Melted coconut manna to moisten blend

Himalayan Salt


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