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“Creating natural Immunity one choice at a time.”


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Initial Assessment

By better understanding you, we can develop a program based on your needs, whether it be weight loss, dietary consulting for peak performance, an herbal and or supplementation protocol for increasing levels of energy, improving immune health, treating specific health issues, or reducing oxidative stress loads.

Fee:  $75.00

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Accountability Coaching

I will coach you through your food choices and hold you accountable in a dietary and exercise protocol.   We will implement a supplementation program to augment the building of natural immunity and an increased metabolism.

Fee:  $100/Week

Lifestyle Workshop

Let's get into some strategies for creating a lifestyle that will allow you to sustain your new learned habits for wellness.  When we take on too much, or try to create too many changes at once, we can get overwhelmed and quit.  We want to help you create lifestyle choices that you'll love to continue.  Your habits need to line up with the new results that you're looking for.  Let us help you identify your strengths.

Fee:  $100.00

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Weight Loss Essentials

Weight Management

With a 30 day strategy, we'll see how great you feel in your new lighter frame.  The inspiration to keep up your new lifestyle will settle in within 30 days and you may even plead with us to to offer you some new tools to your toolbox of healthy living. 

Fee:  $350.00

Abuse Counseling

Once identifying the patterns of abuse, whether it be from the past or present, we will be able to work through the patterns of eating abusively.  Victims of abuse will very often abuse themselves in one form or another, and over eating is one of those avenues that provide comfort to an abusive recollection or present circumstance.   

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Fee:  $125.00/Hour

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Fast Food

Food Sensitivities

After your initial assessment, we will have an ideal starting point to determining what foods might be causing problematic results for you in your health.  At this point we will consider an elimination diet to rule out the bugger culprits of bodily pain.  While giving up some of your favorite foods might be difficult at first, once you start to experience life in your body free of pain, you might have the boost of discipline needed to level up your program.

Fee:  $200.00

Personal Counseling

We might find after our initial assessment that achieving peak performance might be found by working through some basic roadblocks in psychology that will pave the road to success for you.

Fee: $125.00/Hour

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